Reasons to Choose a Family Dentist

Before you can choose a dentist, you have to choose what kind of dentist you want to go to. That can be more confusing than it sounds. People don’t just go to the dentist anymore; they go to the cosmetic dentist, the pediatric dentist, the sedation dentist, or any one of a number of other specialty dentists. Deciding which of these specialties is right for you can be tough, but there is a good argument for choosing a family dentist to take care of your dental needs and the needs of the rest of your family. Take a look at a few good reasons to choose a family dentist.

Convenience You’re a busy adult, and you know what a hassle it can be to schedule those biannual dental checkups. What’s even worse is when you have to make dentist appointments on several different days because you, your partner, and your kids all go to different dentists. When you choose a family dentist, you eliminate some of that hassle. Since the same dentist can treat both the adults and the children in the family, as well as any senior citizens, you can schedule a block of appointments and take care of the whole family’s dental check-ups in one day.

Expertise During the course of a typical workday, a family dentist will see a little bit of everything, from baby teeth to braces to cavities to dentures. Unlike most specialists, a family dentist has expertise in pretty much any type of dental problem. While it’s true that some dental problems are age-specific, there are occasionally reasons why a child may need false teeth or an adult may need braces. With a family dentist, you can rest assured that no matter what the problem is, they’ve seen it before and know how to treat it. That may not be true of a dentist who is too focused on only one specific age group or area of dentistry. Rest assured that if you do need specialist care, your family dentist can refer you without a problem.

Continuity of Care Continuity of care is perhaps the most important benefit that you’ll receive from a family dentist. Since your dentist will be familiar with the whole family, you’ll develop a relationship that you might not have with a dentist that sees only you or only your children. For example, your family dentist may be able to spot problems with your child’s teeth before they become serious, based on your history with the same dentist. What’s more, your children won’t have to leave a dentist that they know and like just because they reach a certain age. They can continue to see the same dentist that they trusted as children as they grow into teenagers and adults. You do have a lot of choices when it comes to your dental care, but choosing a dentist is easier than you might think. Choose a family dentist to simplify and improve your family’s dental care. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment if you or any of your family members are due for a cleaning and checkup!

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